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We’re Moving!

Hey Boys and Girls:

We can’t thank you guys enough for all your support! Thanks again for helping us grow into a following of over 3k listeners worldwide!

Many thanks to Brent Thoma and Teresa Chan over @CanadiEM for bringing us into the family.  With their team, we’ll be able to further grow, and give you guys all the core content you’re dying to hear:)

Don’t worry, no need to change your podcast apps or RSS readers, they should all be redirected to the new platform @CanadiEM.

So check out a little throwback episode with Dr Rosen himself here, and look for the new episodes and comprehensive blogposts coming out starting this Monday.




The Crackcast Team

Episode 35 – Back Pain

Episode overview:

1)  List 10 historical red flags for back pain
2)  List 6 Emergent Diagnosis for back pain


1)  Describe the most common sites of disc protrusion with their associated neurologic findings

2)  Outline your approach to acute undifferentiated back pain

3)  Describe your treatment approach for acute musculoskeletal low back pain


Episode 34 – Vaginal Bleeding

Episode Overview:
1)  Indicate 12 causes of vaginal bleeding, indicating at which age group each is most common
2)  List 6 causes of bleeding in early pregnancy
3)  Describe the management of severe third trimester bleeding and postpartum hemorrhage

1) List options for managing vaginal bleeding in the non-pregnant patient
2)When would you avoid estrogen products in non-pregnant women with vaginal bleeding ?



Episode 33 – Acute Pelvic Pain in Woman

Episode overview:

1)  List 8 diagnoses of pelvic pain in women that are of reproductive tract origin

2)  List 3 causes of pelvic pain in the pregnant patient who is:
Fewer than 20 weeks pregnant or Greater than 20 weeks pregnant


1)  List 6 life threatening causes of acute pelvic pain in women

2)  Outline a systematic approach to acute pelvic pain in women

3)  List 6 risk factors for ectopic pregnancy


Episode 31 – Diarrhea

Episode Overview:

1)  Define Acute, Persistent, Chronic Diarrhea
2)  Describe the 4 mechanisms of diarrhea
3)  List 15 historical factors that increase the risk of probability of non-benign diarrhea
4)  What are the indications for empiric antibiotic treatment?
5)  List 6 organisms that cause bloody diarrhea


1)  When is Loperamide indicated?
2)  When should you use stool cultures / O&P
3)  Best way to give children pedialyte?


Episode 30 – GI Bleeding

CrackCast Episode 30 – GI Bleeding Episode overview:

1) List 5 causes of UGIB in adults and pediatrics
2) List 5 causes of LGIB in adults and pediatrics
3) Describe your management approach for severe UGIB
4) List 6 low-risk criteria D/C of GIB
5) List components of the Rockall and Glasgow-Blatchford score


1) Describe the insertion of a Blakemore tube

2) List 6 causes of false positive stool guaic