Episode 9 – Adult Resuscitation

Episode Overview:

  1. List 10 etiologies of non-traumatic cardiac arrest
  2. List the two most important determinants of good outcomes in cardiac arrest
  3. List the components of good quality CPR
  4. List 6 ways to monitor CPR
  5. What are 3 hard indicators of adequate perfusion during CPR?
  6. What are your post-cardiac arrest goals?


  1. List 4 contraindications to CPR
  2. ACLS algorithms talk through – you must know!
    1. pulseless VT or VF
    2. PEA
      • list all the 5H’s and 5T’s
        1. asystole
        2. respiratory arrest
        3. brain arrest / cognitive arrest
  3. Sleuthing out why the patient arrested? (our approach to the hx and physical)

Episode 9 Show Notes

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