Episode 5 – Patient Monitoring

Episode Overview

  1. List 6 situations when pulse oximetry is not useful?
  2. List 10 situations when capnography is useful?
  3. Describe the ETCO2 curve?
  4. List four indications for invasive blood pressure monitoring?

Episode 5 Show Notes

3 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Patient Monitoring”

  1. you have written in notes regarding in pulse oximetry that large changes in PaO2 can occur with small changes in Sao2. Where as in Rosen on page 100 it is written as “Users should be aware that large changes in the Sao2 occur with small changes in the Pao2 in hypoxic patients, but this is generally not of concern because pulse oximeters are generally accurate between 80% and 100%.”

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