Episode 4 – Procedural Sedation and Analgesia

Episode Overview:

  1. What are the depths of procedural sedation (PSA)?
  2. Describe the continuum of procedural sedation?
  3. Describe the recommended personnel and monitoring during PSA?
  4. What are contraindications for PSA in the ED?
  5. What agents can be used for procedural sedation and analgesia?
  6. Describe ASA classification system?
  7. Describe appropriate discharge instructions for patients post-procedural sedation?
  8. List 8 complications / side effects of ketamine and how some can be treated?
  9. List 4 situations when ketamine may be contraindicated?
  10. List 4 side effects of propofol in procedural sedation?

Episode 4 Show Notes

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