4 thoughts on “Episode 39 – Geriatric Trauma”

  1. Great podcast guys! Quick question, I vaguely remember the mentioning of flashcards based on the podcast, or I could be mistaken. If these are a thing how do I get access to them?

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

    1. Hey Richard,

      They can be accessed through the Flashcards Deluxe or Quizelet app, check out the info below:

      Here’s how to access the FREE decks of cards:

      Click here: https://quizlet.com/CRACKcast
      Quizlet app downloaded through Google Play or the App Store (this is a FREE app)
      Quizlet website
      Any other flashcard app that integrates with Quizlet (Flashcards Deluxe, etc.)

      Once you are connected to Quizlet: just search “Crackcast” and you’ll find our two decks.

      If you have any ideas / suggestions on how we can make the cards better let us know!

      Also if you find any errata that we missed send us a note.

      1. Sweet set of flashcards for part 1 of Rosen’s! Are these going to be kept relatively up to date with the podcast as we move from part 2 to 3?

        Thanks a bunch

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