Episode 15 – Syncope

Episode Overview:

  1. What are 12 critical causes of syncope?
  2. List common medications that can cause syncope
  3. Describe the San Francisco Syncope Rule
  4. What are red flags that require admission in syncope?

Episode 15 Show Notes

7 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Syncope”

  1. Excellent piece of work and very very thankful to you guys. Great effort!!!! Very useful for college exams especially IMGs
    Thanks and much appreciated your work!!!

  2. I am UK EM trained and have fellowship in EM from London and Edinburgh. Currently working in Moose Jaw, SK and preparing for Royal College Exams 2017. My friend Kerstin de Wit assistant professor at McMaster university and an Emergency Physician at Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton recommended your website Canadiem. Very impressive and thanks to Brent Thoma flashcards.
    Grateful to all of your team members

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