Episode 11 – Neonatal Resuscitation

Episode Overview:

  1. List the equipment needed for neonatal resuscitation
  2. List 5 questions to ask the mother during an imminent delivery
  3. Describe the components of the initial assessment of the newborn (APGAR)
  4. What is the management of meconium?
  5. When should oxygen be used in the neonatal resuscitation period?
  6. What is the indication for CPR in a neonate?
  7. Describe how to perform CPR on a neonate
  8. What are the indications for intubation of a neonate?
  9. List 4 reasons not to resuscitate a newborn


  1. What are some special considerations for resuscitating a preterm infant?
  2. Describe the Neonatal Resuscitation algorithm
  3. A quick review of specific neonatal disorders:
    • Diaphragmatic hernia
    • Meningomyelocele
    • Omphalocele
    • Choanal atresia
    • Pierre-Robin sequence
  4. Neonatal Resuscitation Case (shownotes only)

Episode 11 Show Notes

5 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Neonatal Resuscitation”

  1. I’m a U of T PGY1 emerg resident…loving the podcasts! Great quick review of Rosen’s chapters as a jumping off point to reading the chapters more in depths in the years to come.

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