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Happy New Year!!!

2016 be-gone, Here comes 2017

Its been an amazing year, the whole CC team has a lot of you boys and girls to thank for all our success.  We are just shy of 62k downloads!!!! Thats no where near the likes of EMCRIT or SMACC but its pretty amazing for a few simple medical trainees from Canada!

Remember, we are on episode 56 come Jan 2nd, and episodes 52-56 are all up on the new site! Check it out HERE if you haven’t already!

We are all looking forward to working off those holiday calories together while we get our learn on together.


We’re Moving!

Hey Boys and Girls:

We can’t thank you guys enough for all your support! Thanks again for helping us grow into a following of over 3k listeners worldwide!

Many thanks to Brent Thoma and Teresa Chan over @CanadiEM for bringing us into the family.  With their team, we’ll be able to further grow, and give you guys all the core content you’re dying to hear:)

Don’t worry, no need to change your podcast apps or RSS readers, they should all be redirected to the new platform @CanadiEM.

So check out a little throwback episode with Dr Rosen himself here, and look for the new episodes and comprehensive blogposts coming out starting this Monday.




The Crackcast Team

And so it begins…

This is a medical education podcast that equips emergency medicine residents across Canada to consolidate core Rosen’s material in preparation for the Royal College Emergency Medicine Exam. The CRACK Podcast (aka. CRACK Cast for short) stands for “Core Rosen’s and Clinical Knowledge” which will provide free open access medical education (FOAM) to medical students, residents, and staff highlighting essential foundational material covered in Rosen’s Principles of Emergency Medicine.

Our mission is to deliver succinct education podcasts through a systematic journey through all 197 chapters of Rosen’s while also include salient clinical pearls applicable to medical students or staff physicians who wish to review topics for their personal learning.

Project Goals and Objectives

  1. Equip residents to excel in exam preparation and medical education

  2. Provide an enjoyable, sympathomimetic surge of succinct out-of-classroom core content in Emergency Medicine based on Rosen’s Principles of Emergency Medicine

Check out the links under the “subscribe” page to stay in the loop using iTunes or Feedly.

Chris & Adam

UBC – Vancouver Island Emergency Medicine Residents