About the project

Why another podcast?

Residents are busy and on-the-go: frequently unable to dedicate large portions of time to reading core Rosen’s material until their final year of residency. As a result many residents rely on audio podcasts to keep up to date on controversies and advancements in emergency medicine.

These podcasts (e.g. EMRAP, PEMED, EMCrit, etc.) in medical education have exponentially increased in number but none exclusively cover the foundational principles that are the basis of Royal College of Emergency Medicine residents’ tests; instead, most of these podcasts offer cutting edge controversies or novel research in areas of critical care and resuscitation. This leads to many emergency medicine residents replacing time they would spend reading textbooks with catchy, cutting edge content which negatively impacts their future performance on their final certification examination.  

For residents, by residents…

We propose a step back to the foundational concepts of emergency medicine practice covered in the keystone textbook of emergency medicine: Rosen’s Principles of Emergency Medicine.

In our personal journeys preparing for the Royal College exam, especially as a new distributed site, we experienced a need to cover the breadth of core content in a flipped-classroom setting.

Our vision is that this podcast will not only help us prepare for the exam, but also help countless other residents “turn on their learn on” and review key emergency medicine concepts.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Equip residents to excel in exam preparation and medical education sessions
  • Provide an enjoyable, sympathomimetic surge of succinct out-of-classroom core content in Emergency Medicine
  • Inspire staff and medical students to review core content in emergency medicine above and beyond mainstream cutting edge podcasts


What’s the logo mean?

Our logo represents our intention to disseminate the core content from Rosen’s (two concentric “c’s”) interspersed with clinical knowledge. The inner “c” has a play button in the middle to depict the podcast format of the project. Our colours represent two themes:

  1. Our mission to produce a grass-roots, growing product (green) as well as our commitment to integrity, and intellectual conservatism (blue) by basing our podcast on the bedrock of emergency medicine knowledge found in Rosen’s Principles of Emergency Medicine.
  2. Our geographic location — the beauty of Vancouver Island — a lush rainforest in the Pacific Ocean.